Consignment Tool Trailer

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Midland Tool & Supply can provide large projects with on-site consignment tool trailers.
Our consignment tool trailers allow clients 24-hour access, so that high demand needs can be met immediately.

Our tool trailers are ideal for:

  • Outages
  • Shutdowns
  • Turnarounds
  • Any Construction Project

We are committed to product storage and organization.
Just like our warehouse, Midland’s consignment tool trailers are exceptionally organized. Each trailer is equipped efficient shelving and stackable plastic bins that are clearly labeled. Our tool trailers also have special organizational features, such as e-track hanger posts for air hose whips, stingers, grounds, and nylon slings.

Midland’s tool trailer organization system provides an exact place for every item, allowing for easy worker access and replenishment on the job site. We also maintain an adequately stocked warehouse to allow for fast and/or frequent tool trailer replenishment. And in some instances, we even maintain dedicated, job specific warehouse inventory.

Midland Tool & Supply provides more than just a consignment tool trailer. We provide a complete tool and consumable trailer management service.
With our inventory management system, we can oversee your entire tool trailer experience, no matter how large or demanding your job site is. From the placement of your initial order, to delivery, inventory accountability and trailer introduction – Midland’s staff will be in constant communication with your job site’s management team to ensure your project stays on budget and on time.