Atlas Copco 1-1/2″ Lightweight Pneumatic Nutrunner

Item # RTP8100-GIR38

Whatever your industry, if your operations include loosening or tightening heavy duty bolts, Atlas Copco's slim, lightweight RTP pneumatic nutrunners can help increase your productivity.

SKU Bolt Size Square Drive Min. Torque at 22 psi Max Torque at 91 psi Free Speed r/min Weight Length Air Cons. at Free Speed Hose Size Air Inlet Thread
RTP8100-GIR38 1-1/4" - 2"1-1/2"1600 ft lb6000 ft lb1030 lbs17"105 cfm1/2"

Atlas Copco FRL Air Pressure Unit

The torque output of the RTP is adjusted with an Atlas Copco FRL air pressure unit, helping to prolong the lifetime and torque accuracy of the tool.

Pressure/Torque Conversion

Note:  Always set pressure with tool & pump running and away from job.

Bolt Size

1-1/4" – 2"

Square Drive


Min. Torque at 22 psi

1600 ft lb

Max Torque at 91 psi

6000 ft lb

Free Speed r/min



30 lbs



Air Cons. at Free Speed

105 cfm

Hose Size


Air Inlet Thread