Custom In-Stock Hoses

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  • Custom made, per request
  • Available in three styles:
    1. Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Hose
    2. Heavy Duty Rivet Buster & Chipping Hammer Hose
    3. Standard Air Tool Whip Hose
  • See charts below for product types, specs, and photos
  • Made in the USA

Now go add some variable products!

hoses in stock chart
For the harshest and most rugged of conditions and job sites where standard 200 psi air hoses will just not hold up, we can supply you with custom made 500 psi air or even 10,000 psi hydraulic hoses with swivel fittings. Also available upon request are in-line oilers and filters in various sizes, air manifolds, 3-way crows feet and a wide range of air fittings to make your job airtight.

We custom make in-house any hose size and fitting to match your application, from 1/4″ hose to 2″ hose in stock and ready for immediate assembly.

Hose Type

Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Hose, Heavy Duty Rivet Buster & Chipping Hammer Hose, Standard Air Tool Whip Hose

Hose Inner Diameter

3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Working PSI

300, 500