Enerpac 50 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Punch

Item # SP-50

  • Enerpac 50 ton hydraulic punch is available as a complete set including electric pump and hoses
  • Double-acting cylinder design for fast cycle times
  • Hydraulic punch and die changeover tools included
  • Lifting handle for easy carrying
  • Adjustable power stripper prevents movement of the metal during stripping
  • CR-400 female couplers included

Now go add some variable products!

We rent the most reliable and recognized name in the lifting business today.  These cylinders come in all shapes, sizes, capacities and strokes.  If your application comes with tonnage and clearance, we can outfit your lifting requirements from a single cylinder, to a complete lifting system.

50 tons

Hole Sizes

0.53 – 1.03 inches

Max Operating Pressure

10,000 psi


255 lbs