Lincoln Classic® 300 MP Perkins® Engine-Driven Diesel Welder

Item # K4263-1

When it comes to pipeline construction and maintenance, you deal with more unpredictable variables than you’d care to count. Adverse weather, natural terrain and regulatory requirements are just a few. Given the natural and man-made uncertainties often associated with your business, you need equipment you can count on to maximize quality and efficiency, minimize repair time and control costs.

The Classic® 300 MP multi-process engine-driven welder responds to the numerous challenges that are a fact of life in pipe welding operations. For example, the welder features Temperature Stabilization™, enabling you to “set it and forget it” by eliminating any need for adjustments based on ambient conditions or warm-up period.

With a standard built-in CV output contactor, this engine-driven welder eliminates the need for a separate wire feeder module and the downtime associated with installing it. Additionally, the OCV Boost function can be used to aid starting and low amperage welding. And, a standard on-board block heater is ready to pre-heat the engine for use in cold environments.


Maintenance and Repair

Power Type



Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)


300 Amp DC Arc Welder
All Copper Windings
Pure DC Power Generator

Weld Output

3 kW

Rated DC Output

250 A / 30 V / 100%
300 A / 32 V / 60%
90 VDC, Max OCV

DC Current Fine Adjustment

220 – Max, 160 – 240, 120 – 190, 80 – 130, Min – 90
40-350 Amps

Auxiliary Power

13 Amps @ 240 V
20 Amps @ 120 V with sealed GFCI module
3,000 Watts, 60 Hz, AC

Engine Model

Perkins® 403F-15F-15T Diesel EPA Tier 4

# Engine Cylinders

3 Cylinders
Cast Iron Cylinders

Engine Type

4 Cycle
Block/Crank Case
Compression Ignited
Electronic Governor
Turbo Charged
Water Cooled

Horsepower (HP)

24.7 HP @ 1800 RPM

Fuel Capacity

Coolant: 7.8 Qts
Diesel: 16 Gals
Oil: 6.3 Ots

Weld Speed

Full Load: 300A (1800 RPM)

Idle Speed

High Idle: 1650-1800 RPM
Low Idle: 1440 RPM

Fuel Consumption

At Full Load: 0.2 Gal/Hr


37.1" H x 24.3" W x 62.8" L


1364 lbs

Lincoln Classic® 300 MP Perkins® Engine-Driven Diesel Welder