Miller Trailblazer® 275 LP With Excel™ Power, Gas Welder / Generator, GFCI

Item # 907691

Trailblazer® welder / generators deliver unbeatable arc performance, providing the smoothest, most stable arc in the industry.  The Trailblazer® exclusive Auto-Speed™ technology delivers superior run times, increased fuel efficiency, and improved welder / generator performance.  No other compact machine in the 275-amp, 300-amp class delivers more welding power or more auxiliary power with better fuel efficiency and less noise – for productive, profitable, quieter jobs.


  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Plasma (PAC)

Trailer Mounted Optional

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