TPMW-10000 9700 PSI Hydrostatic Test Pump

Item # TPMW-10000

Introducing the newest version of the PDQC-1000 pneumatic hydro-static test pump, the TPMW-1000, which is dubbed the “Middle Weight” test pump.  The PDQC-1000 was re-designed with your safety in mind.  It’s new design also reduces costly unit repairs and extends the life of the pump.

  • All ports are located on the back panel for safe operation, in addition to a chart recorder
  • Built-in pressure relief valve to avoid over pressurizing the system
  • Built-in block valve to isolate your test and extend the pump life


Now go add some variable products!

Test pump tpmw 1000 chart

Max Pressure

9700 PSI

Volume at 100 CFM

1.00 GPM

Pressure Ratio

97 to 1

Max CFM Required*

56 CFM

Max Air Required

100 PSI